This year, Appleton brought our 2020 vision to life by hosting its 7th exclusive, extraordinary, not-so-ordinary Brain Crush party. The beautiful historic offices on Delaney were transformed into an evening of eye-catching and mind-boggling excitement. From receiving a surprise shot at the Booze Bush to competing in a virtual basketball game in our augmented reality room, our genius guests enjoyed meeting, mingling and marveling at wondrous activities throughout the night.

The Experience

Brain Crush Answer Sheet

The Apples of our Eye Trivia

  1. Q: Which client used the F-word in a campaign? (Hint: Check our “Featured Work” page on our website)
    A: TBS
  2. Q: What does the “C” in C.O.R.E. (our Corporate Social Responsibility Platform) stand for?
    A: C is for Community
  3. Q: What does the Appleton Team grow in its back yard?
    A: A community garden supporting Meals on Wheels
  4. Q: Appleton is at the core of _____________ marketing.
    A: innovative
  5. Q: Which topic will you not find on our blog?
    A: Three Easy Steps to Make Your Design Pop
  6. Q: Which service does Appleton not offer?
    A: Childcare

Whiskey Business

Q: What flavors did you taste in each whiskey?
A: Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon & Apple

Bonus Points

Q: What year was the original company that is now known as Appleton founded?
A: 1987

Q: What were the names of the two companies that merged to create Appleton?
A: Avid & Neo-Geo