It’s not every day you’re able to walk through and interact with your emotions, but for Appleton’s 4th Brain Crush in 2016, we wanted to shine light on all the wonders of your emotional spectrum. From participating in digital charades in our comedy lab to surviving a night in a virtual reality insane asylum, each room celebrated a new emotion and the experiences that come with.

There’s nothing like being in a room with extraordinary brains and fun games. Attendees were able to relish in good company through a delectable spread of treats from John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering and emotional activities booming with cheer.

The Experience

Humor: Comedy Lab

Crack Up and Act Out: Digital Charades

Blow Your Mind with Brain Juice

How Funny Are You?: Joke Cards

Bone Appetit: Edible Funny Bones

Fear: Rooms of Doom

Explore New Dimensions: Immersive Reality Insane Asylum

Live Fear Poll

Chirp and Slurp: Flavored Cricket and Worm Taste Test

Serenity: Zen Den

Relaxation Station: Masseuse

Unwind Your Mind

Compress and De-Stress

Look into Future Emotions

Happiness: Upbeat Street

Get Flippin’ Happy: Flipbook Station

Love: Infatuation Station

Aphrodisiac Mood Food

Eros (Passionate Love): How Romantic are You? Quiz

Agape (Love for Humanity): Feed the Hungry Rice Game

Storge (Family & Friendship Love): Make a New Friend Chat

Our Brain Crushes

Brain Crush Answer Sheet

Each guest had the ability to toss a ping-pong ball into a glass tube to cast their vote in the live poll questions bellow. Once all votes were cast, we totaled them up and these were the results.

Live Poll: What emotion do you want to learn most about?

Happiness: 29 votes
Serenity: 29 votes
Humor: 18 votes
Love: 13 votes
Fear: 13 votes

Live Poll: What scares you the most?

Heights: 40 votes
Spiders: 36 votes
Clowns: 18 votes

Brain Crush “Lucky 13” Trivia

  1. This color appears to be nearer than it is and, therefore, grabs our attention first.
  2. This color gives you a burst of energy.
  3. About how many Pantone colors are there?
  4. What is the fear of colors called?
  5. This color has been proven to aid concentration and foster creativity, making it a winner for your home office or study.
  6. You see this color on many websites because it is the color of trust and communication.
  7. This color relaxes the nervous system.
  8. This color is most appetizing.
  9. According to surveys, almost 75% of pre-adolescent children prefer this color to all other colors.
  10. Because this color can make you feel nauseous, you’ll rarely see it inside an airplane.
  11. What are the top three color choices of Americans?
    Blue, Green, Purple
  12. This color makes people feel cool and refreshed.
  13. This color is the absorption of all colors.