During our 5th Brain Crush in 2017, attendees delved deep into the subconscious, where each room evoked their intuitive nature and challenged them to discover their 3rd eye. Guests encountered a peculiar sight as they entered through the doors of their mind and witnessed 3D art that jumped off the walls of our Giving Circle Gallery. Guests could travel toward the oxygen bar that provided scented O2 aromas to stimulate their recollection or leave reality behind and enter a virtual one with immersive entertainment, including a mind-trip virtual reality session and an audible digital doodling game.

With many more entertaining activities, guests were given the opportunity to socialize through unique experiences throughout the night while enjoying exquisite refreshments from John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering. From the Mindful Macaroni and “Chi” Sushi to the Cloud Nine Cupcakes, the spread provoked our taste buds while the Palate Perplexers miraculously turned sour foods sweet.

The Experience

Perception Meets Reality

Psychic Readers

Logo Locator Challenge

3-Dimension Inception Search

Perception Collection

Logo Locator Challenge

Brain Bites

Cranium Coolers

Libation Lounge

O2 Bar

Mind’s Eye Lanai

Fire Up Your Neurons

Doodle Den

Psychedelic Suite

Visualization Station

Mental Mind Massages

Third Eye Blind Body Art

Brain Crush Answer Sheet

30 Logos

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Guess Which Client 3D Art