We’re always looking for ways to push the boundaries of our minds and for Appleton’s 6th Brain Crush in 2020, we invited guests to harness the power of the left and right sides of their brain. From a fascinating interactive right brain/left brain game installed in the Appleton Awareness Gallery to analytical and intuitive tech challenges in our video suites, guests ventured through a mental journey to uncover the nature of their mind.

After exercising the mind, guests indulged in unique and tasty bites by John Michael Exquisite Weddings and Catering while mingling with other extraordinary brains. Featuring dishes with clean designs and straight lines, extravagant spreads popping with color and chaos, and a fiery flambéed dessert, both left-brained and right-brained guests were treated to a night of delights.

The Experience

Synapse Stimulation

Cortex Connections

Which Brain Will Reign?

Which Side Resides?

Rhymes of the Right

Language of the Left

Bilateral Body Art

Rest and Reflex

Mental Break

Psyche Snapshots

Psyche Sustenance

Cranium Experiments

Dual Delicacies

Libation Lounge

Cranium Confections

Wine Down

BrainPower & Beyond

Psychic Readers

The Ultimate Brain Game


Our Brain Crushes

Brain Crush Answer Sheet

Using Appleton’s Brain Quiz, we were able to analyze our guests’ brains.

We’ve crunched the numbers and analyzed our guests:

49% were more left-brained!

40% were more right-brained!

11% were equally left and right brained!

And 100% have brains that blow our minds!

Ultimate Brain Game Answers

Left Brain

2. Which side of the brain connects to the conscious?
3. Which side of the brain remembers the past?
5. Which side of the brain focuses on details?
7. Which side of the brain is responsible for planning?
10. Which side of the brain governs speech and language?

Right Brain

1. Which side of the brain controls facial recognition and spatial awareness?
4. Which side of the brain oversees the intuition?
6. Which side of the brain understands nonverbal cues?
8. Which side of the brain looks toward the future?
9. Which side of the brain associates with the subconscious?